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Bullet Head 2017

Bullet Head 2017

Dec. 07, 2017
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Watch bullet head 2017 full movie online. In the Vein of Reservoir Dogs, a group of career criminals find themselves trapped in a warehouse with the law and an Attack Dog named DeNiro closing in.

When the crooks’ heist goes awry, as heists tend to do in films of this type, they find themselves unable to escape. Unfortunately for them, the warehouse in which they’re stuck is also the site of illegal dog fights whose canine combatants have been given such names as Eastwood, Mitchum and Bronson, presumably because the lowlifes who run dogfights are inevitably movie buffs. When a recent victor, a Presa Canario named De Niro, manages to get away, he terrorizes the hapless criminals who also happen to be animal lovers.

We know that because of the dialogue, of which there is an inordinate amount. Malkovich and Brody (we never learn their characters’ names) engage in a spirited conversation about the relative merits of dog and cat people. They, along with Culkin, also deliver long-winded anecdotes, dramatized in flashbacks, all featuring animals. They include stories about a truffle-sniffing dog, an ill-advised attempt at stealing a bowl of fish for a little girl’s Christmas present and a heartrending episode in which a father shoots his young son’s dog.

To their credit, the actors deliver the stories with the sort of relish displayed by young thespians auditioning for the Actors Studio. And while Banderas doesn’t have a flashback of his own, he gets to deliver a folksy monologue nonetheless, one made all the more impressive by the fact that he’s firing a gun as he’s doing it.

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Original titleBullet Head

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