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CHiPS 2017

CHiPS 2017

Chip HappensMar. 23, 2017 100 Min.
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Steve Gehrke



Watch chips 2017 online free. The adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers as they make their rounds on the freeways of Los Angeles.

Painfully unfunny sex jokes ensue soon after Jon Baker (Shepard), a former pro-motorcycle rider turned straight-laced rookie highway patrolman, teams up with an undercover fed who goes by the name of Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Michael Peña). Ponch is on the trail of a group of dirty cops led by Vic Brown (Vincent D’Onofrio) and reluctantly enlists Baker’s help. That blind trust is supposed to be a remarkable sign of good faith given how much of a wreck Baker is; he’s addicted to painkillers and can’t bear the thought of breaking up with his estranged wife (Kristen Bell). Ponch’s sex addiction and generally reckless behavior presumably complements Baker’s whole uptight vibe.
Ultimately, the worst thing that happens to these men—between seemingly inconsequential confrontations with Kurtz—is that women constantly fling themselves at them. This could be funny if the film’s characters seemed to be in on the joke, but they’re usually exhibiting the same insecurities they’re supposedly sending up. In a scene that’s prominently featured in the film’s trailer, Ponch falls face-first into Baker’s naked crotch while he tries to bring his then-incapacitated partner to his bathtub for a soak. This scene is supposed to be the tipping point for the two characters: Ponch can’t possibly be homophobic because he and Baker bond at the absurdity of making face-junk contact.
Unfortunately, there’s nothing funny about the parade of bare breasts and over-sexed, under-developed female characters that Shepard uses to perpetually re-affirm Ponch and Baker’s heterosexuality. These guys may worry about each other’s sexual preferences, as we see in the scene where Ponch gasps at the sight of Baker and his colleague’s fully-clothed genitals touching each other when they embrace in the men’s changing room. But Baker is almost immediately pounced on by Ava (Rosa Salazar), a fellow cop who just happens to be a motorcycle buff. Ponch is similarly sized up and treated to nude photos three times throughout the film, a running gag that climaxes as poorly as it begins. The fact that these guys have attractive women practically begging to strip and/or pose for them would be funny if Shepard actually did something with Ponch’s sex addiction or Baker’s timidity.

Original titleCHiPS
TMDb Rating5.4 41 votes

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