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John Wick 2014

John Wick 2014

Don't set him off.Oct. 22, 2014 USA101 Min.R
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Watch full john wick 2014 movie online. Ex-hitman John Wick comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.

There was a time when John Wick (Keanu Reeves) was the most feared assassin in the world, but now he wants nothing more than leave his blood-soaked former life behind. However, when his wife dies of a terminal illness, his hopes of a peaceful retirement seem destroyed, until a dog named Daisy is delivered to his doorstep, left to him by his late wife. As John bonds with his new companion, it seems that he may be able to move on, until a gang led by Iosef Tasarov (Alfie Allen), the son of notorious crime boss and John’s former employer Viggo (Michael Nyqvist), break into John’s house, kill Daisy, and steal his car. With his only remaining connection to his wife stolen from him, John finally decides it’s time for him to come out of retirement.

His wife leaves him a puppy. An aww-cute-little-puppy-wuppy. She plans this puppy as her replacement in death. So as far as John Wick is concerned this is his dead wife. Wick takes the puppy out for a drive and at a fuel station we meet our first 3 people of interest. The villains. Russian mob with Iosef as their leader. Iosef wants Wick’s car. Wick says no – “not this bitch” in Russian.

Typically if you are a Russian in America and an American replies to you in Russian, you would check out who the possible American could be. After all, Russian is not the national language of America. Instead what do the 3 Russians do? They land up at Wick’s place at night beat him up, steal his car and … wait for it… kill his puppy. Yep, that’s what they do.

They take the car and try to get it mod-ed by the car modifier – Aureilo. Aureilo beats up Iosef  for being an Iosef and doing Iosef  like things to Wick. Wick meets with Aureilo to find out who Iosef was. Turns out that Iosef is the idiot son of a Russian mob head – Viggo. Viggo gets to find out from Aureilo about what his smart-ass son has done to Wick.

Watch full john wick 2014 movie online !!!

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Original titleJohn Wick
IMDb Rating7.2 320,891 votes
TMDb Rating6.9 4094 votes

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