Outsiders: Season 1

Outsiders: Season 1

Jan. 26, 2016
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Watch outsiders season 1 full season online. All of the clans answer to the Bren’in, Lady Ray Farrell (Phyllis Somerville), who’s expected to pass down leadership to her son, Big Foster Farell (Morse). Everything is thrown into question when Asa Farrell (Anderson) returns to the mountain after spending years out in the world. Lady Ray believes he’s the one promised in a prophecy, who will lead their people through a difficult time. With a mining company pressuring Wade to serve the clans with an eviction notice to gain access to the coal on the mountain, Lady Ray is even more certain she must remain Bren’in and pass the title to Asa instead of her drunken, reckless son, Big Foster.



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