Suits: Season 3

Suits: Season 3

Jul. 16, 2013
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Watch suits season 3 full season online. Just when it seemed like there was “No Way Out,” Harvey and Mike found an escape hatch on Suits. The path taken was not ideal, but they both realized if they wanted to move forward without fear in their heart, it was the best option.

The Suits season 3 finale provided the show’s best and most sincere moments. The stoic walls surrounding both Harvey and Jessica came crashing down. The turmoil the firm has been through brought them all closer together and proved how much they really care about each other.

Mike’s secret was a threat to the firm and those in the know, but that secret also bonded them together in a way that no case or other experience could. As Donna told Jessica, Harvey became the man he is because he was forced to protect Mike. He learned to care.



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