Suits: Season 5

Suits: Season 5

Jun. 23, 2015
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Watch suits season 5 full season online. Did you think the Suits endgame of this season – of the last five seasons, actually – was that Mike Ross would go to jail for the fraud that is the core of the show’s premise?

I didn’t. I thought he would make a deal that would enable him to get out of jail and use his brainpower to help others (he might still do this in jail). And the friend with whom I discuss the show thought Harvey would find a way to get Mike off altogether.

So congrats to the Suits writers/creators for surprising us both, and for dispensing justice and just desserts to Mike – the most honourable and sensitive criminal ever – in a way that keeps us sympathetic to both him and to Harvey. And thanks too, for resolving Mike’s issue. Resolution is good.



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