TURN: Washington’s Spies: Season 1

TURN: Washington’s Spies: Season 1

Apr. 06, 2014
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Watch turn washingtons spies season 1 full season online. The first couple of episodes of TURN were interesting but also slow, and felt like something you might watch in history class. Something well-made and informative, to be sure, but predictable. But gradually, the show moved past establishing its (many) characters and episodes became more exciting and often surprising. There was also the confusing (at least to me) decision to move the show’s action to 1776, when all the press materials before the show had the show set in 1778, when the Culper Ring actually started. I understand it in terms of allowing the Culper Ring spies to take part in major actions like the Battle of Setauket, but this also places the pilot episode within a few months of the Declaration of Independence, which doesn’t rally track. A good reminder to always take historical fiction with a grain of salt



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