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The Good Catholic 2017

The Good Catholic 2017

What is your passion?Sep. 08, 2017
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Watch the good catholic 2017 full movie online. An idealistic young priest is dedicated to his calling until he meets a woman at confession. After the meeting, he seeks guidance from his fellow priests.

Father Daniel (Zachary Spicer) ended up in the priesthood as a tribute to his deceased father, leading to his position as the youngest of three clergymen ministering to a Bloomington, Ind. parish. Under the guidance of Father Victor (Danny Glover), a longtime acquaintance of his dad’s, Daniel conducts services, counsels parishioners and presides over baptisms and funerals.

Since the bishop mandated that churches remain open on Friday nights to offer confession prior to weekend services, Daniel has gotten stuck with the late shift. So naturally he’s on duty when a young woman (Wrenn Schmidt) shows up completely clueless about the established protocol in the confessional booth and begins randomly unloading to him. When he tries to redirect her, she tells him she’s there because she’s dying and promptly departs after asking for funeral-planning advice.

The next time she turns up, she tries to make up for her earlier abruptness, introducing herself as Jane and admitting that she doesn’t have much experience with the confession thing. As their friendship begins to develop further after Daniel visits the cafe where Jane performs on acoustic guitar (and sometimes waits tables), Victor starts noticing changes in his behavior. Their colleague, Franciscan friar Ollie (John C. McGinley), tries to discourage Victor from interfering, but the older priest feels he has both a personal and professional obligation to provide guidance. Daniel isn’t feeling very receptive, however, and to complicate things further he really has no idea how to deal with Jane’s escalating interest, leaving him uncertain and adrift.

Original titleThe Good Catholic
TMDb Rating1 1 votes

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